Emotionally Connected

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  •  How can design be used to show the connections between memory and object? Once applied how can it create an experience of empathy?

    This project’s objective is to evoke an empathetic response through provoking an emotion, impact or memory in the viewer. Emotionally Connected is about using design to create an experience of empathy from the visually interpreted elements of the interviews, which have then helped to create a sensory experience. Engaging and immersing people in the emotions expressed as well as other elements of the relationship is a part of creating this experience.

    The project is a collection of personal stories around the focus of an object that holds an emotional attachment or sentimental value from a past relationship that triggers a particular experience or memory to the owner. The common themes of love and past relationships allow everyone to access their own story to some degree. The object hides the memory and my project is focused on exposing it.