Emerge Festival 2009

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  • Emerge Festival 2009¬†
    Branding for an annual multicultural festival held by Multicultural Arts Victoria 
  • I had the wonderful task of branding this annual festival for Multicultural Arts Victoria. Melbourne's rich cultural heritage comes alive with this annual music and arts festival presenting amazing new refugee and emerging artists, performances and exotic foods. A unique cultural experience for all ages. The brief was to create colourful, catching, fun and diverse artwork for booklets, flyers, posters and advertising material for the festival.

    The concept emanates around the symbolism of the rising/emerging sun which is the center of all life and oneness. I combined this with repetition and pattern work, inspired from traditional african weaving and crafts and threaded it through the most grounding element, Earth, which we all inhabit together. This is the first of the next four years of festival artwork representing each of the elements.
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