Elysian Park SEED Pavilion

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  • The SEED Pavilion establishes a new museum for Seeds in Elysian Park near the LA Dodgers stadium. When I visited this park, I discovered this amazing seed pod that was decaying in the park. This incredibly beautiful seed pod inspired me to design a program devoted solely to honoring the significance of seeds, both in the LA basin and around the country.
    In order to translate this idea into a pavilion, I initially started with the metaphor of seeding the landscape and created a larger spherical seed pod landing among a seeded tophography. The two ways that programmatic space is allocated were based on use of the seed. In some cases the seed is used for reproduction and in other cases it is used for human products. So the space that the pavilion holds are for educating, purchasing seed based products, seed based crafts and seed based foods.
    Furthermore, the recepticles on the outside of the building skin were not only for light perforation, but to bring in water as part of a sustainable feature of the project. Underneath the recepticles is a double layer that the water runs down into and collects into cisterns that periodically release water and seeds to create a garden below the pavilion.