Elmshorn Station

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  • Location: Elmshorn, Germany

    Status: Competition

    The Elmshorn station complex comprises a new train and bus station, an integrated car parking structure and a multi-purpose community resource centre. The concept of a sustainable town and a New European Urbanity is articulated through the integration of infrastructure, public space and natural landscape. The proposed station complex inextricably links these conditions together through the introduction of a new surface suture covering the tracks, creating city park and defining a new urban horizon that integrates pedestrian circulation with different transport activities on multiple levels.
    As the urban space created by the station roof reconnects primary urban circulation routes, it also introduces new greenery and offers a multi programmed public amenity for the citizens of Elmshorn that is accessible, open and participatory. In addition to the infrastructural programmes, the station complex contains a community programme cluster including a multi-purpose sports hall, outdoor running track and cinema, restaurants and cafes. The fitness and leisure programmes are designed to be used by commuters while also creating a strong urban attractor for all residents and visitors. 
    All programmatic activity is unified by the continuous timber roof that is dramatic in scale yet efficient in its use of material. The roof structure is elevated by large prefabricated timber panelled piers that perform as bio-containers to populate the upper park deck with flora and green landscape. All soil and water management is contained within the piers to allow the remaining deck to be as light weight as possible.