Elliott Spencer 'The World Is Empty' - Music Video

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  • Elliott Spencer 'The World Is Empty' - Music Video

    Focussing on the sense of longing infused throughout Elliott Spencer's 'The Word Is Empty', Chris Cork and I set out to create a video that would complement the track, telling a bizarre story of love and obsession via a production that had us chasing sunsets for over five weeks - no mean feat in notoriously overcast Melbourne.

    Check out more from the excellent Elliott Spencer here.

    Following are a selection of frames, and production stills from Greg Bricknell, as well as a full list of credits.

    Produced and Directed by Yang and Yang (Dimitri Kalagas and Chris Cork)

    DP: Zachary Piccolo
    Gaffer: Robert "Chum" Li
    Edit: Dimitri Kalagas, Chris Cork
    Animation: Dimitri Kalagas
    Colour Grade: Dan Stonehouse @ Crayon
    Additional footage courtesy of NASA

    Sun Lover - Alfonso Comandari
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