Eliminate the WAIT

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    Eliminate the Wait is an initiative from Novartis Pharmaceuticals, aimed at creating awareness for organ transplant among young people who participate in extreme sports. The introduction to the program was held at a snowboarding competition in Aspen in December of 2011.

    I was tasked in creating a logo and signage for the event. Since the event involved extreme sports, I created a rough, winding script using a paint brush in order to mimic the wild yet graceful movements preformed in extreme sports. A black weight of Din is used to imply the heavy burden and intimidating process of waiting for an organ transplant.

    The rest of the signage maintains the visual theme of the logo and utilizes the vibrant Novartis brand colors.

    CLIENT: Novartis

    TYPE & ILLUSTRATION: Michael Molloy

    ART DIRECTION & DESIGN: Michael Molloy