Elidor "Cuma Gecesi Saçı" // "Friday Night Hair"

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  • Elidor (the Turkish brand name for Sunsilk/Unilever) has requested an interactive application for the launch of its "Thickening Volume" line, which promises every girl an expert touch at home.

    We played around the idea of "going-out hair" and came up with the "Friday Night Hair" concept. Almost everybody has an event to attend on a friday night, whether it's a friendly house gathering or a major concert. It's the most important day of the week for many girls to feel the need to get poshed-up.

    Our Facebook application scanned through the previous Facebook events of users, got a general idea of the user's style and offered the user a making-of video of the most appropriate hairdo among our 3 different hairstyle approaches. These 3 different hair styles were presented by 3 different fashion bloggers with the different fashion styles to match their hair. Then, users were encouraged to post their own makeover photos and join a "who's hotter" kind of duel challenge online. The user with the most votes won discount cheques from famous fashion brands and users who elected the winner, won themselves Elidor product packages.
  • Creative Group: Elif Kavalcı, Görkem Yeğin, Muharrem Hüner, Ahmet Terzioğlu
    Flash Developer: Emrah Özer
    Flash Animator: Enis Kılıç
    Application Developer: Feyzullah Daldal
    Front-end Developer: Emre Çakmakçı
    Sound Design: Zeynep Bozok
    Brand Management: Bihter Tabak
    Project Management: Aslı Ergüzel
    Social Media: Başak Engin, Didem Çetin
    Campaign Management: Mert Alankaya

    Production: Bandit Productions
    Director: Uçman Balaban
    Visual Direction: Can Uzer, Nuri Yılmazer
    Post Production & Editing: Bandit Productions

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