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    Eleven West is a restaurant based iEleven West is a restaurant based in the maritime town of Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland. They needed an identity that was easy to work with and have the ability to be rolled out across multiple restaurants should their first restaurant be successful. They also needed signage for the store front after the identity was finalised.

    The logo that was developed is young, hip, strong, bold, confident and very legible with maritime influences of a compass which links well with the ‘West’ in the name of the restaurant. The logo has also been given an angle which is taken directly from 11 am/pm on the face of a clock which is taken from the title of the restaurant. This angle gives the impression that ‘Eleven West’ has something different to offer and not simply the ordinary.
    Before they had their first Christmas in Cobh, they asked for a Christmas advert that would help build more publicity for the company especially coming into the seasons of Christmas parties and staff outings. A very unique poster was created with cutlery used in the shape of snow flakes to give it a Christmas feeling. This kept the image of the restaurant as premium as possible without giving it a tacky overused look.
  • Eleven West identity in colour
  • Eleven West identity in single colour
  • Eleven West Christmas Advert
  • Eleven West signage on their premises in Cobh, Cork.
  • Eleven West signage on their premises in Cobh, Cork.