• Elepago
  • Elepago is a company that offers value-added mobile payments. They offer a platform that makes it easy for users to pay with their mobile devices, and for retailers to offer rewards to their customers. It is a tool for users - offering an all-in-one transparent and simple management service; and a tool for merchants - powered by market intelligence and data processing.
    The company’s goal is to help companies make their customers happy by providing quality services and superior customer service. It was important for the brand to synthetize these values into a simple and recognizable icon.
    An elephant was chosen as the icon because of the characteristics they represent. Elephants are known for their incredible loyalty and memory, as well as their ability to empathize. Careful attention was used in the construction of the icon, using a circle centric approach. The result is a clean icon that is instantly recognizable that represents the reliability and honesty of their service.