• Character sprite: Illustrator
    Procedure animation, interaction: ActionScript
    Input: Arduino
    Software interface: Flash
    Sensor: accelerometer

    All behaviors and interactions generated procedurelly with Arduino and ActionScript. 
    Physics simulation with the help of Box2D physics engine for ActionScript
  • Synopsis:
    Elena the harmless creature lives peacefully in its own little world.
    People tap it's house (a fish tank)
    Tap tap tap,
    Elena got scared, panicking, and frustrated. It struggles in restlessness.
    People like seeing this creature move frantically, they keep tap tap tap,
    Eventually that panic killed Elena.

    Elena's fragility and sensitivity made itself a victim of human curiosity. 

    The fact that Elena the creature, or a computer program dies so easily is making the suggestion that a lower end being can be fragile. Does it make us sympathies their vulnerability and ephemeral life? Or does it only re-assure our ego for our own power and strength?