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  • The concept - idea of representing something intangible, indefinite, indeterminate: life.

    Natural elements are the creation, the origin, the minimum component of life.
    They represent the realms of the cosmos, in which all things exist and consist of; they are the foundation of the Universe and each element cannot exist without the other ones.

    I synthesized this concept in a collection of textures, linked together in geometric shapes. 
    In this way I have enclosed and concentrated an extensive concept in a two-dimensional, finite and closed figure.
    This is a personal project that has been for me also an opportunity to experiment with the collage technique.
  • 1. Earth
    Essence of mankind  /  Absorbing good and evil  /  Recycler of life  
    Terrains of feelings scattered  /  Heaven and Hades found right here.
  • 2. Air
    Atmosphere beckons  /  Instant soothing soothes the soul  /  Rustling leaves aloft.
  • 3. Water
    Waves prancing gaily  /  Amour's fluid harmony  /  Trickling through forests
    Elegance and force now fused  /  Ripples form inside the mind.
  • 4. Fire
    Flickering torches guide  /  Illuminating each bend  /  Raging emotions defend  /  Eruptions that can't hide.
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