• At the end of 2010, the multinational company Stork, B.V. sold its materials technology division to outside investors. No longer affiliated with its parent, the organization asked Cue to help create a name and brand for the new company.

    The identity system for Element is modular, with several variations tailored to different applications. The variations include versions with the full legal company name, the brand’s website URL, and secondary language defining the company's expertise in industry categories. The system works hard to be simple, clean and logical, using Lubalin Graph to unify the typographic expression.

  • The Element identity was designed to be implemented consistently to a variety of applications on site at Element's various locations around the world. The identity's clean simplicity brings a quality of expertise and professionalism to Element's industrial environment, equipment and apparel.
  • The website design for element.com extends the brand’s consistent look and feel to its online presence. The brand reveals itself in a video designed by Cue and animated by Bran Dougherty-Johnson, with sound design by Joel Pickard. The animation serves as an introduction to the company on the home page and is shown in other venues where the company introduces itself, including trade shows and on site at Element's laboratories around the world.
  • The website helps to create a brand voice that adds depth to the way the brand presents itself. With hundreds of pages of content, the website maintains the brand's aesthetic simplicity while organizing a complex database of information.
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