Element Multitool Packaging

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  • Element Multitool Packaging
  • The Idea
    Element is a brand of multi-tool that strives to be an essential part of every job, craft, or endeavor you may undertake. Fusing high quality parts with simple and reliable functionality allows Element brand multi-tools to outlast and outperform the rest. Each tool possesses the ability to screw, saw, grip, slice, open, and cut and is designed with portability and flexibility in mind. With a tool that brings so much to the table, you have to ask yourself... Are you in your element?

    I wanted the brand to highlight the most important features of the tool: Strength, Simplicity, and Reliability. With these attributes in mind, I built a logo, icon set, and graphical elements that would integrate these ideas. Once these were set in stone, I went about creating a package that would continue this idea. I built the package out of wood and had all of the elements laser burned onto the package giving it an added sense of strength and simplicity.