Electronic Arts (EA) Marketing illustration

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  • SimCity (EA)
    3D marketing Illustration (print)
  • This project was a lot of fun. Again I confirmed to myself that I work best under pressure with tight, challenging deadlines. I was commissioned to model, render and conceptualize this scene for EA launch of their new game.
    Being that it is for print, it had to be high resolution with a lot of detail.
    I worked closely with the team in L.A. and their matte painter to accomplish the final piece.

    Special thank goes to:
    Andy Sinur & Ron Franco @ Hydrogen Whiskey
    Ed Trillo @ Rabbx

    Copyrights EA
  • Final Piece submitted
  • One of the first designs, city layout and lighting scheme
  • Placing billboards, and working trough building design and colors with the client.

  • Adding detail, cars, street lights, redesign final buildings & placements, shader/material work, camera angles.
    Most of the materials are Mental Ray at this point.