• Green AC is a student project in collaboration with Electrolux Air Care department. This project shows the design process and final design of Electrolux’s environmental friendly air conditioner.
  • Early sketches and concepts of the design.  
  • The final design: 
    Simply natural in its appearance with a design focused on intelligence in combination with new technology that would make homes appear more environmental friendly. The distinct black front of the cover creates a high-tech look that in combination with the soft and natural shapes gives it a feeling of earth friendly. 
    The combination of different textures, glossy and matte surfaces, creates a stunning and brilliant look of the product. To keep the Electrolux design brand look of the product a layer on layer design was used. The louvers were made in transparent and frosted plastic which gives the impression of clean and fresh air. Combining transparency with a color is also significant for Electrolux design and with a touch of green color on the louvers the product feels even more environmental friendly.
  • To design a more than just ordinary air conditioner, LED lights were introduced behind the front cover enabling illumination of the room with a soft background light. This is giving the customer the unique possibility to incorporate the stylish design into the home styling.
  • You can control your air conditioner unit with applications created for smart phones. These applications communicate with your product, so that you can control your AC when you are away from home. With the applications you can do everything that you can do with the remote control; adjust the airflow, the temperature, use the timer and turn on the light if the unit has one. 
    For example if you want to come home to a cold home, you can set a timer and a smart program that can calculate the temperature and the time when you are going to come home. Apart from the regular controls that appear on the remote control there are exclusive programs that you can do with this application; calendar synchronization, look at weather forecast and check your energy status. These features are made to simplify for the costumer to control with a simple one-touch solution. 
  • The application will have the same functions as the remote control, in the function, Air flow, you can adjust the temperature, select Swing-mode or Eco-mode.
  • In the function, Energy,  you can select energy efficiency programs and  take control over your home energy consumption. The users will be able to set a maximum limit of energy consumption and the program will adjust the energy consumption automatically to keep within the limits.
    In the function, Forecast, you can synchronize the air conditioner to the recent forecasts to make the air conditioner work as effective as possible. This also prevents the energy peaks during upcoming heat waves. 
  • It is important for Electrolux to have an environmental friendly approach for the new green air conditioning series. By designing a green series logotype as a compliment to the original Electrolux logotype the customers can associate Electrolux and the new green series with an environmental friendly approach.
  • The final design of the logotype for Electrolux Green Series.
  • The new green air conditioner is based on a technique called thermo acoustic refrigerating which means that high amplitude sound waves are used to cool the air. To create an interesting brand image for this product, the new technique was highlighted together with an environmental friendly approach.  
    The illustration above shows how the sound waves from the thermo acustic cooling transforms into a forest, then transports the pure and cool air from nature into our homes.