Electric Vespa

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  • Electric Vespa
    An ecological scooter branded Vespa
  •  The Vespa has been a milestone for Italians. Still today, it is the most
    fashionable scooter and the most preferred by young people and
    This new Vespa keeps some features form the past, like the anterior
    round beacon, the amortized saddle and the classic Vespa engine,
    and it is most certainly noticeable.
    The green wheels and the leaf-shaped beacons make it even more
    The scooter’s package has not changed: the engine positioned next
    to the posterior wheel, the glove compartment under the saddle and
    the battery compartment next to the footboard.
    All the beacons are LED to use less energy, there are other LED
    lights next to the engine; at night your scooter will be recognizable
    form far away.