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Symphony and Orchestra event Identity
Electric Fusion
Symphony and Orchestra event
Electric Fusion was a concert show for the School of Music and Dance at SDSU having a main event that featured the collaborative performance of George Gershwin’s An American in Paris by the symphony and orchestra. They had stressed to us that it would be the first time these groups have played together, so I felt the main event was an area to focus on in the portrayal of the event.
Being composed in the 1920’s, Gershwin’s performance called for an Art Deco approach for its design, which I was happy to illustrate.
I created various elements out of my poster identity, including the tickets, and eventually made a playbill that doubled as a poster. The playbill uses a very modern approach to typography, while still maintaining the timeless sense of the grid. The event coordinators wanted to have a feeling of mixing “old with new,” and I felt the type treatment gave that impression to the illustration.