Electric Bike for Ezee

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  • Here is a Front View detail of the Bicycle. The Brand Name Ezee is installed in the front light. 
  • Here is a much closer front detail. The front light has the Brand name on. On the lower side we have the speaker. Due to traffic we wanted to make sure that the bicycle driver can make his - her self notable so we installed a horn button. 
  • Here is the Horn button and the Swifter handle. The bicycle is installed with 3 swifts but can be upgraded up to 6.
  • The back view of the bike has a wide angle view camera installed in the middle of the red ligts indication. Also the moter of the electric Bike is installed in the front wheel. 
  • When you push the breaks the rear red lights become brighter as an indication of stopping. The pedal lights always stay on. The flash indicator shows the direction you want to go.
  • Here is a detail of the Battery. The Battery is protected inside the "chest" of the bicycle. That's a metaphor of the heart. This is the result of the brief Ezee bikes gave to us : " We believe that the electric bicyle's battery is the heart of the bike". Also there is a detail of the light brown leather cover of the riders seat. 
  • Here we have the rear Box. It is portable and can be taken off the bicycle. The dimensions of the Box 18 inch in length so it can accommodate a 17" laptop and 16.4 width . 
  • Here is a detail of the Battery. You have to push it down and take it off so you can recharge it,
  • Here we have the Utilities platform / display . Our brief was to design the bicycle so we gave just a glimpse of what the display could be. This a hole new project and we are planning to implement it. 
  • Here is a front view when nothing is switched  on.
  • The flash indicator is switched on.
  • Front light detail . 
  • Another detail.
  • Here is the unique design of the suspension . We designed it that way - vertical suspension system - because road bumps are filtered much better so that the driver doesn't go cycling around the road cracks with the possibility of an accident.
  • The pedal light indicator stays always on. The light indicator is installed on the both sides of the pedal so that the driver is always notable.
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