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A compilation of illustrations made for a spanish based DJ DrGonzo Isnotadj
A collection of illustrations made for DA collecA collection of illustrations made for DA collection of illustrations made for DA collection of illustrations made for DrGonzo Isnotadj, a spanish based DJ. During the last year we decided to create new posters to announce music venues across Spain. The ideas was to create something unique for every single venue and in differents styles in order to take people's attention. 

For more info about DrGonzo please follow him on Facebook
For more info about the project, staty tunned to this post or check the website out

A colorful cuban inspired illustration
Illustration where Emma Goldman play some music for a dancing revolution
Every year, the same giant sardine is sacrified on the streets of Murcia. ¿How can it be possible?
Without knowing this fact, murciand had invented the Walking Sardines. Indeed, the do have a frightening rythim.
With a legendary hangover, Dr Gonzo comes back to life burning the dance floor
Set San Juan's Night on fire but not literally thou, just on the dance floor
One of the posters on a Club

Random posters on the street, ours simply looks better
Some posters on a club
DrGonzo Isnotadj