Eine neue Version ist verfügbar

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  • "Eineneue Version ist verfügbar" (a new version is available) is the new book project of the SZ-editor and Suhrkamp authorDirk von Gehlen. It seeks answers to the question: How does the digitization change art and culture?

    His theory: it isthawing. It liquefies it! "A new version is available" will describe and showhow this can change the idea and the business models of movies, music and books, culture in general.

    SQUIECH Design is responsible for the design of the project, the idea of the personalized book covers and the design of many Giveaways for the project supporters at startnext, the german crowdfundingpendant to Kickstarter.

    The book is expected to be published in May 2013. Thefollowing pictures show the first print-dummies and promotional flyers forthe project. There will be 250+ individual and unique covers for the premium edition of the book.

    Youcan view (and of course support) the project here: http://www.startnext.de/neueversion