Eikon EMS400 Tattoo Power Supply

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  • Designed under contract and in collaboration with Wingspan Design.
    The Challenge:
    Produce a compact full-featured power supply with reduced focus on screens and readouts. Make improvement to support the tattoo process and promote best practices in safety. Evolve the Eikon product line to redefine industry expectations and prevent knock-off competition. Create a product that truly reflects the nature of the industry and essence of the artists. 
    The Solution: 
    Upright & narrow with rear connectors, the form puts the controls and display forward with a minimum desktop footprint and no cord clutter. 

    A flat faceplate provides easy access to capacitance touch controls that require no activation force and work through protective barrier film with gloved hands. The product can be completely covered for safety and hygiene.
    The updated interface and display provide easy access to information, good visibility and flexibility of readouts.