• Illustration for "La vinya del 8" –Eight's vineyard–, a single vineyard wine of limited production created by a collective of eight winemakers. The identity of this product is being renewed on an annual basis to build a particular and diverse collection. The main goal is to set this product as a singular one and to attract a high degree of attention. In its last iteration, «La vinya del vuit» submits a poetic interpretation of the landscape of the wine zone it is from –the Priorat– which grows from the number "8" –the only invariable item across the different editions–. Through the specific visual language and sampled colours opposed to the principles of wine tradition, an unrealistic and bright symbolic world blooms to tell a story about the character and boldness of the 2009 harvest. This wine does promise a true trip.
    Laus Silver award 2012 (packaging)
  • Client: La Vinya del 8
    Art Direction: JJ Bertran
    Illustration: Iván Bravo
    Photography art direction: Iván Bravo
    Photography: Manu da Costa