Bachelor Project
  • We all have our little idiosyncrasies. One person always puts his right shoe on first, another counts steps as she goes up or down. This is all merely human. But when these little habits become compulsions a little habit turns into a complicated system of rituals. Over time, a compulsion can become a great burden. The book project »Idiosyncratic« examines these disconcerting and entertaining quirks.

    One Book about habits
    One Book about OCD

    Print Method: Digital Print
    Paper Stock: Igepa Maxiscript 120g
    Number of colours: 4
    Binding: Sewn Binding, Hardcover
    Specials: Magnetic covers
    Page Count:
    Book EiGEN: 172 pages
    Book ARTIG: 128 pages
    Book EiGEN: 210 x 280 mm
    Book ARTIG: 220 x 300 mm

  • «EiGEN»
  • «ARTIG»