Effimero Permanente

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  • Effimero Permanente
    An Architectural 3D Projection
  • EFFIMERO PERMANENTE (Permanent Ephemeral) reflects on the idea of the museum as a place for memory conservation, starting from the idea that it is impossible to translate into something permanent what in Nature is ephemeral. The result of our work on this subject creates the Effimero Permanente.
    Our references to the Florentine tradition go from the gazed surfaces by Della Robbia to the Boboli Garden and to the Florentine Romanesque green and white marble decorations.
    It is an intense path, deep as a backwards time journey through

    CLIENT: Teatro Puccini
    EVENT: White Night Florence 30.04.2010
    LOCATION: Uffizi Gallery of Florence

    designed by Apparati Effimeri


    Sound Design:

    Art Consultant for Teatro Puccini: Veronica Santi