Educational Performing Arts Center

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  • Educational Performing Arts Center
    Five multipurpose performance spaces in one building 
  • This project is a continuation of the “Experimental Ecological Community”project. It narrows its focus from an urban scale to a building scale, a civic building in the heart of the community in the main plaza.

    The site runs along a large urban plaza that connects all the canal pedestrian zones into one public space dominated by cultural buildings and community activities. The building reaches over into the plaza creating a natural oasis and performance area.  The extreme heat in Florida requires that we design spaces that can be naturally cooled throughout the year.  There are also canopies that connect to the surrounding buildings allowing people to circulate more comfortably.  The overhang space allows for show and activities to take place underneath it. There are five different performance areas including a 755 seat formal theater. The other performance spaces are multipurpose transformable areas activated by movable walls and hydraulic levels which can be made into seating or used for performance.

    The construction of the building allows the outer panels to be replacedas needed. For example; as different performances circulate the advertisements can change. Also as technology advances different energy harvesting systems can be implemented. In the visualization of this design photovoltaic variable panels were chosen in order to control the light into the building and harvest energy.
  • Night shot of plaza side
  • Site Plan
  • Experiential views and panel variations 
  • Elevations
  • Section and floor plan (grey areas define the different performance spaces) 
  • Parametric design process