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A record designed as a typographical rhetorical argument on why education in Australia needs to be reevaluated.
Education Vexation
This typographic project aimed to make a rhetoric argument about the continuing disagreements surrounding the call to mend Australia’s aging and dated education system. It endeavoured to uncover why the disagreements persisted, and why there was any question about fixing things at all. 
The work showed that the then coalition, an exclusive group of ‘social elite’, support a political education agenda by any means of active or passive policy, which better serves the divide of our social economic structure, rather than the maintenance and development of a system with greater social mobility and fresh minds. Through the use of manipulated text from a variety of publications, the project was able to show that the system not only benefits the strong, but that according to the status quo, strength can only persist so long as it is repressing the weak. The rhetoric expressed suggests just how clinical black & white this view is, and reveals a ghastly side to our underlying philosophies.
Assorted Sans Serif
The word meritocracy has been pulled from Alain de Botton’s speech on success.
The word communicates quickly the rhetoric by which our society moves and creates ‘fairness’. The speaker points out the flaws in this system, he describes the way we think of people as being failures instead of unfortunates. The speaker persuades that a modern ‘snobbery’ is occurring. I argue one step further to say that the snobbery is causing a divide in society, where those at the top of a social pyramid described by the arrangement of letters) are further empowered by their positions over the weak, relating the rhetoric of a meritocracy with the modernist theory presented by Marx, which is the metaphor.
Arranging the word as an eye test I am also inviting the viewer to see clearly on the subject through the use of metonymy.
I used a synechdoche by striking through the ‘o’, where the letter is also substituted for a zero, in which case I disbelieve that working classes are of lesser value. I wish to draw this connection because my rhetoric is that we all need a fair start to life if this system of opportunities is going to work. An increasing socio-economic gap is not an even playing field.
I then Amplified the rhetorical argument by treating the type with texture that showed the rapid deterioration of our current situation - in the final image, further text has been woven into this texture.
 Thank You.