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A collection of editorial work from 2011 - 2014.
Art Direction by Kate Collins  - Texas Observer
Art Direction by Andy Sansom  -  Aeon Magazine
Art Direction by Helen Hollyman  -  Vice Munchies
Article by Martina Pennisi   - Wired Italia
"Clint Dempsey"
Illustration for MLS Insider
"The Worst Wing"
Article by Reid Cherlin - New Republic 
Illustration for Postings section - Commercial Observer
"Rise Of Toronto F.C."
Illustration for MLS Insider
"Slugging It Out, Inside Obama’s Mind"

Article by N. Gregory Mankiw - New York Times
"Dodd Frank"

For 52 Shades Of Greed playing card set.
"Symon Vs Zakarian"

March Madness Food Fight - The Daily Meal
"David Comes To Life"

Album Review - Spin Magazine
"Who Is Sam Bacile?"
Portraits for REBNY banquet honorees - Commercial Observer
"Shreds Of Evidence - The Life & Death Of The Daisy Dukes"

Flaunt Magazine
"Conspiracy Vs. Prospiracy"

Article by Daniel Pinchbeck - Wired
"Make Money"

Article by Jennifer M. Wood - Time Out New York
"America's Top Heathen"

Article by Steven Thrasher - The Village Voice
"The Black Knight (A-Rod)"

Article by Steve Wulf - ESPN Magazine
"David Chang Versus Michael White"

March Madness Food Fight - The Daily Meal
"Prince Valiant (Grant Hill)"

Article by Steve Wulf - ESPN Magazine
"Travel Tips For 2011 Rugby World Cup"

Interview with Derek Wyatt - HP Pivot Magazine

Sound Advice - HP Pivot Magazine
"Whistled While They Worked"

Article by Kenny Mayne - ESPN Magazine
"How Rex Ryan Can Save His Job and Help Reinvent the N.F.L"

Article by Kevin Quealy - New York Times The Upshot
Poster for NYCFC inaugural home opener

Art Direction by Daniel Nyari
“The Rise and Fall of the Living Fossil” Article by Ferris Jabr 
Art Direction by Len Small -  Nautilus