Editorial: The New York Times
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Here are a selection of illustrations I did for the New York times over the years...
"Swept Away:
In uncanny fashion, the city not only transports us to places we know,
it also brings back memories of places where we’ve never set foot”

Art Director: John Cayea
"To Her Not-Quite Friends"
Art Director: John Cayea
"Thanksgiving Recipes"
Art Director: Richard Aloisio
"Poisonous Frogs"
Art Director: John MacLeod
"Looking for Mr. Wood Stove"
Art Director: Richard Weigand
"New Era of Consumer Genetics Raises Hope and Concerns"
Art Director: Peter Morance
"The Chef: Orange - Fennel Compote"
Art Director: Richard Aloisio
"Thinkers on the Left Get a Hearing Everywhere but at Home"
Art Director: Skip Johnston
"What's This About Cultural Pollution?"
Art Director: Skip Johnston
"Mining the Deep Web With Sharper Shovels"
Art Director: Skip Johnston
"What's That Smell? Sometimes, Vertical Living Really Stinks"
Art Director: Carol Dietz