Editorial Illustrations: Part III
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Editorial illustrations created by Tang Yau Hoong for various magazines in 2012-2013.
Third compilation of conceptual editorial illustrations commissioned by various magazines includes:

Architectural Lighting, Builder, Economia, Esquire Malaysia, Financial Post, Market by Llyods, Multifamily Executive, Traveller by Easyjet, Usbek & Rica.

Illustrator: Tang Yau Hoong 
| Year: 2012-2013
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Holistic Approach of Lighting Design | Architectural Lighting
Cool It: Regulating Heat Output in LED Luminaires  | Architectural Lighting
Diffusing LED lighting | Architectural Lighting
Bigger Gets Stronger | Builder Magazine
Lending Remains Keys | Builder Magazine
Lots To Talk About | Builder Magazine
Big Builders Continue To Take Shares | Builder Magazine
Breadwinner | Esquire Malaysia
Consumer Privacy | Financial Post
Social Media in Crisis Management | Financial Post
Labor Force Strategies | Financial Post
Science of Risk | Market Magazine by Llyods
Share Buyback | Economia
Big Data, Big Ideas: Data Mining in Multifamily Industry | Multifamily Executive
Non-Traditional Income For Apartment Operators | Multifamily Executive
Homage To Catalonia: Catalan Culture | Traveller by Easyjet
Made In Moscow:  Shop Well-Designed Products | Traveller by Easyjet
Luxor: Punctuality Isn't A Cultural Virtue | Traveller by Easyjet
Rhodes: The Sun Is Still Shining | Traveller by Easyjet
Vienna: Rejuvenated | Traveller by Easyjet
Paris' Brasserie | Traveller by Easyjet
Dubrovnik: A Tale of Two Cities | Traveller by Easyjet
Immortality Comes True? Cloud Storage of Human Brain | Usbek & Rica
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