Editorial: Communications of the ACM

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    Art Director: Caren Rosenblatt
  • "Flow in Games (and Everything Else)"
  • "Practical Programmer: Is the Crouching Tiger a Threat?"
  • "Managing for Innovation: People Versus Process"
  • "This Menu Has Changed"
  • "Toward the European Information Society"
  • "Collaborative Virtual Design Environments"
  • "Software Techniques for Program Compaction"

  • "Has the Internet Become Indispensable?"

  • "Detection and Prevention
    of Stack Buffer Overflow Attacks"

  • "TheGlobal Information TechnologyWorkforce"

  • "Challenges for UserMobility Research"
  • "What Motivates Wikipedians?"

  • "Designing for the Mobile Device:
    Experiences,Challenges, and Methods”
  • "Entertainment Networking"
  • "Cold Code: Decompressionat Runtime"