• From 2006-2008 Adbongo was just me in the home office.  After learning plenty of lessons about business, life and spirituality, I implemented heart into what would soon be described as a "for-benefit"  business model which combines the for-profit structure with the mission-orientation of non-profits.
    Also, I realized "two (or more!) heads are better than one".   Thus I joined forces with other ninjas for the first time and began the quest for the perfect business ecosystem.   I didn't realize how difficult this quest would prove to be.  I hopped into the first ecosystem in 2009 , joining multiple companies with a shared mission (saving the world).  It was in a 7,000 square foot warehouse located off Burleson road in Austin Texas. I learned many lessons from the challenges faced in this first experience, and I have gone on to design multiple ecosystems since that time, each better than the one before.  
  • Warehouse 1 (Burrelson)
  • Galactic Underworld:  Event Production Ecosystem
    Logo Art Direction:  John Bush
    Designer:  Lindsay Beran
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  • The biggest blessing from this experience was the relationship I developed with Xavior Patterson, who allowed me to brand his Zero Waste Research & Development Company: Sustain INC. and got me involved with the new zero waste goal the city of Austin adopted in 2008.   This is a client I maintain to this day.  

    Logo Art Direction: John Bush
    Designer: Lindsay Beran
  • Warehouse 2 (South Austin)
  • Austin Art and Music Partnership:  Art and Music Ecosystem

    Art Direction:  John Bush
    Designer:  Lindsay Beran
    Concept:  Josh Davies
  • Brand Identify courtesy of Adbongo!

  • This was an attempt to create a hybrid for-profit/ non-profit situation later known as a B-corp (birth of a b corp)
  • I met "Monsterlove" here, they make monsterheads from recycled paper...
  • Founder Peyton Wimmer 
  • Commercial Office (Dallas)
  • My office in Dallas.  When I got here it was vacant.  Since then we have slowly been transforming it into a business ecosystem. 
  • Commercial Office (Austin)
  • Secret Lair
    The build of my sustainable Earthship in Latin America
  • For the last two years I have had hands on experience planning and building my net zero family home made from tires, bottles, and cans.   I managed this project in Spanish in Guatemala with my team of Maya, The non profit:  Long Way Home, and the architect pictured above:  Michael Reynolds, and his team at Earthship.    It is on time and within budget.  This demonstrates my versatility, and that I have experience developing sustainable real estate.   My company Adbongo is to a normal business, what my house is to a normal house.  
  • The view from my place.   
  • Resource Recovery Park

    In July 2011,  I received a Letter of Interest from the City of Dallas office of Economic Development to build an accelerator driven (Adbongo) resource recovery park.   For me this was a serious milestone.  I have been working this master symphony since 2006.  All the above was practice. 

  • 3-D Modeler:  Wes Chambers
    Art Director:  John Bush