• Eco Cool
  • EcoCool is a system for returning the grey water produced in bathrooms back to use. This system constructed by 2 stages of filtration. After filtration water ends up to a container that could be used for growing plants. The vaporization of the water absorbs hot air and moisturizes the place.

    Main product is an assembled series of tiles creating a wall that uses hot and dry air to cool and moisturize the place. These tiles are made of porous ceramic pipes filled with sand and marvel. Tiles create the second stage of filtration; in addition they help the process of vaporization quicker. Now, the water passing through the tiles is ready to be used for the next step. Water ends up in a little garden platform that could be used for growing vegetables or any other plant species. Entering the water to last stage is consistent and continuous. The container could be used for wet soil plants. There is a potential of farming vegetables if you manage your usage of-Cool is aCool is a system of returning grey water into use by slow filtration to help purifying the air, cooling the area and providing apartment garden for indoor vegetation farming by dripping watering. It's designed for dry and hot weather.