Eco Heaven Bazaar

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  • Eco Heaven Bazaar
    Another way of looking at Recycling
  • Every year, YTL Corporation organises Climate Change Week to create awareness on global warming.

    For 2010, the theme was recycling; with a bazaar as the main event.

    Recycling is nothing new so we rebranded the bazaar as Eco Heaven to give it a fresh twist.
  • Above is the manifesto for the concept. Cloud + Tree logo design by Ng Choo Seong.

    Due to the tight deadline, the following set of posters were quickly put up at the event venue.
  • In the spirit of Eco Heaven, we also recycled discarded materials to publicise the event.

    Among other stuff, these "posters" were produced.
  • In case you're wondering, it's the Spicy Sambal Pizza (thin crust) from Domino's. Gotta try 'em.
  • Pillowcase and pajamas donated kindly by Jovian Lee. Underwear politely declined.
  • What's black and white and red all over?
  • Meticulously hand made (albeit with a perpetual scowl) by Ng Choo Seong, Art Director
    and assistant Puee Swee.