Sustainable Bagless Take-Out Packaging

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  • Eco-Friendly Chinese Take-Out Packaging & Menu

  • Focusing on sustainability, this packaging attempts to eliminate the need for a plastic bag.
    Published in Packaging Structures featuring the best innovative packaging concepts of 2011. Featured in multiple creative blogs such as and

  • Divider is glued to bottom of box allowing for nesting of the boxes.
  • STEP 1:     Pull upwards and separate the two loose divider tabs.
  • STEP 2:     Fill with entree and sides.
  • STEP 3:     Place removable trey atop divider which rests one inch below the box top. Extra thermal insulation and a space where utensils and condiments can be stored eliminates the need for an external plastic carrying bag.

  • STEP 4:     Close and go!
  • STEP 5:     For multiple orders, hook carrying strings into the diecut design of the one on top of it. Holds up to three entrees.
  • *Silver Local Student ADDY Award, 2012