• Ebisu Type Family
    A sans-serif family consisting of 10 individual weights.
  • Originally influenced by Hiruko. Ebisu loses the soft sans serif curves, for a more rebust geometric styling.

    But it's much more than a geo-replica. The lowercase characters also have a more exaggerated sharpness that gives the whole family a unique look and feel. The kerning has been individually crafted for each letter, with vigorous attention - to ensure that each letter from is produced in a way that works with every member of the set, for a tightly knit sans serif family.

    It speaks many languages too. The OpenType features have an extended character set to support Central, Eastern, and Western European languages. With each weight conveying a different personality, Ebisu is set to become the modern new sans serif family to sit alongside your classics for versatility, cleanliness and a crafted edge.

    Available to download from HypeForType:
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