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  • Fort Kochi, the first gateway to India and at the heart of India’s historic spice trade, where pepper was exchanged for gold was known to the romans and the Chinese way back in the first century BC, is today a quaint town promising you truly unique experiences. 
    Bazaar Street in Fort Kochi is the hub of the spice market in India. Delicately maneuver your way through the everyday bustle of spice shops and full push carts, trucks, autos, cycles, cows as your nose is tingled with the aromas of pepper, nutmeg, chilly, cardamom and cinnamon. At the bustling bazaar you can pick up a spice of your choice- cardamom for fragrance, black pepper for seasoning, red chilly for spice, cinnamon for sweetness and nutmeg for illusions.
    These five women have been created, keeping in mind the core essence, use and feeling that each spice holds in its existence. Each lady different from the other, you will find yourself relating to the personality and characteristics of these women. It may remind you of someone you know, or you might just see yourself in one!
    Spice up your life as fantasy is always a necessary ingredient in living!
  • Label iterations
  • 'A scandalous bang that goes straight to your head' - Red Chilli
  • 'A candied shot with a spicy hit' - Cinnamon
  • 'A tantalizing taste to a cryptic mind' - Nutmeg
  • 'An elegant tough to a handsome character' - Cardamom
  • 'A pungent potion that bursts open' - Pepper