• Eat! Trend Diary 2012
    Custom typography calendar for 2012
  • Eating is our cultural heritage. Eating reflects the spirit of our age and the lifestyle
    of our society

    There is consequently a great deal of aesthetic interest in the preparation, production and marketing of food. Eat! Design with Food documents the exciting results of creative projects that, in their own way, have an impact on culinary tradition. These are very different projects that reveal just how fluid the boundaries between typography, craftsmanship, product design, conceptual art and haute cuisine have become. We would like to thank all those creative people from all over the world who have shared in inspiring us to produce the distinctive typography for the calendar pages ourselves, in house. 53 of these escort the owner of the calendar through 2012. When we talk about "delicate typography", by the way, we have in fact never meant it more literally than in this project!
  • Thank you!EIGA.DE
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