Easter Procession of the dead Christ in Italy

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  • Easter Procession of the dead Christ in Italy
    Orte - (VT)
  • It takes place every Friday before Easter, and it is the oldest of its kind in Italy. Dating from the early thirteenth century, it has preserved its original form, a mournful and devoted procession, that accompanies Christ at the burial. The procession involves the participation of the nine current Brotherhoods of Orte. The oldest of them is the Holy Cross, which we have evidence of its presence in Orte since 1159. About 500 brethren participated at the procession. Two solemn moments: one in the square of Santa Maria, where there is the singing of the Miserere and the other one that concludes the ceremony, outside the Church of the Holy Cross, when it is chanted the Stabat Mater.