East Boston, Massachusetts

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    East Boston, Massachusetts 
  • Meridian Street at Union Square
  • Throughout its centuries long history East Boston has been the gateway neighborhood of the city of Boston. Maverick Square in particular has an international flair because of it's port activities first from the sea and now the adjacent Logan International Airport.

    These illustrations were created to accompany a storefront guidelines manual commissioned by the East Boston Main Street district. The manual was to help the district coordinators assist business owners in knowledge of the Boston Sign Code.

    The manual can be found here:


    More about the area:


    Credit also goes to Kate Robinson who was the graphic designer on this project. Kate created all the graphic design for the signage illustrated, as well as researching and laying out the graphics and editing the text for the guidelines manual.


  • Meridian Street at London Street
  • Bennington Street

  • Bennington Street
  • Bennington Street
  • ¬†Bennington Street