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  • Earthworm
    A humble logo and a endeavor, created to work 
    tirelessly for the earth's benefit.
  • Background
    Earthworm is an eco-store in Goa that offers a platform forgreen living. It hosts a range of green products and services, a library, arecycling station and a space for public interaction. The name is inspired fromthe humble ‘earthworm’ that toils unknowingly but tirelessly for the earthsbenefit. Founded in 2008, the store needed an identity.
    The Logo
    Drawing inspiration from the concept of infinity, that whichis without an end, the logo depicts a visual metaphor of protecting the earthforever. Without being preachy and intimidating about green living, the logosubtly forwards the brands core values.
    The earthy blue and brown color scheme breaks the norm of‘green’ typically used for similar brands and presents a new approach towardsgreen living, eco-friendly yet approachable & affordable, informal yetserious, simple yet funky, protective and proactive