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    In the third year of Earth Hour, it was time to turn the symbol of switching off the lights into a real action against global warming

    In December 2009, world leaders met in Copenhagan to determine if policies are made to take action against global warming. We targeted this meeting as a critical opportunity for people of the world to make their voice hear. But first we needed the people to believe that switching off their lights could make a real difference

    Our solution was to transform the light switch into a vote, and hold the world’s first global election between Earth and Global Warming. We asked the world to VOTE EARTH by switching off their lights for Earth Hour, with the goal of presenting the votes to world leaders in Copenhagen, as a mandate for change.

    The idea grew organically into a movement which motivated over 1 billion people across 88 countries to Vote Earth by switching off their lights. 1059 of the worlds icons switched off. 18 of the G20 countries, 38 of the C40 cities took part. China, India and the Middle East took part for the first time. Vote Earth became the largest social movement in human history and the votes presented to world political leaders at Copenhagen as a mandate for action from people of the world.

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