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An app that rewards the user for helping to raise the awareness of endnagered animals.
Earn Your Stripes
Raising the awareness of endangered animals.
'Earn Your Stripes' was a concept that I created for my minor project. The aim was to raise the awareness of endangered animals across the world that would appeal to a new disconnected audience. By creating a smart phone application that offered a reward back to the user it allowed for the user to become engaged and feel like they are making a difference.
Our Mission
The app works in conjunction with the users weekly shopping expenses so that every time you by a product with the ‘Earn Your Stripe’ logo on the box a percentage of the cost of that product goes towards helping endangered animals. The products have been chosen based on how eco friendly they are to the planet. The money raised goes towards all walks of life and not just the cute and cuddly but also the weird and wonderful animals.
The app is available to download from the app store and once bought then you can start saving.
The Reward

The more items the user buys, the more they help these endangered animals and the habitats in which they depend on. In return for purchasing these products we offer a points reward system, giving the user points based on the price of an item. These points add up to offers and vouchers that can use in your local participating supermarkets, just a little way of thanking the user for their help with the fight against extinction.

For every £1 you spend you gain 2 points.

As the user collects more points they increase their ranking and stripes which earn you the rewards.
Left to right: Login screen, Home screen, Points Screen
Left to right: Animal Finder, The results screens
About the campaign screens.
Push notification for Daily Animal. The animal, The location, The facts
Home screen
Daily Animal Screen
About the Campaign Screen
'Get rewarded for collecting' poster advertsing the e-vouchers