• A personal 3D/post-production project focused on texturing, lighting and rendering for postproduction.
    Software of choice: c4d + vray + PS.
    Work progression and breakdown of some shots described below:

  • PART 1: base model mesh of an Aston Martin One found on the web.
  • PART 2: fast model texturing to increase minor details, default lighting setup.
  • PART 3: adding more light to increase detail of the whole scene, enabling shadows and Global Illumination to amp the light sources, tweaking textures to fit the mood.
  • PART 4: adding front lights  to create a 'night mood', tweaked the project camera a tiny little bit.
  • PART 5: POST PRODUCTION: adding water, fog, haze, rain, splashes, motion blur, tweaking color grading.
  • PART 6: FINAL SHOT. The shot has been  squeezed to create an anamorphic cinema effect.
    Original resolution: 1920x1080px