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  • Ernst & Young's February 2013 campaign had the specific aim of raising brand profile and awareness of Ernst & Young as a graduate recruiter while it conducted High Fliers research on campus.
    EY launched the EY Games Room, which was an online competition boasting oppertunities for students and the University Volunteering dpt to win prizes. It was hosted as an app on Facebook. It was designed to be fun, engaging and challenging, generating enough brand awareness, participation and buzz to influence the Times Top 100 rankings.
    It also needed to be consistent with the wider graduate recruitment campaign, which ran with the headline 'Go further, faster'. I was responsible for the overall design and art direction.
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    Overview video:
  • Game Structure: 1. The Question
  • 2. The Answer
  • 3. Correct answer!
  • 4. Incorrect answer!
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