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  • "Exploring NASA is the collaborative effort of artists, musicians, scientists and administrators who are collectively working on an installation artwork that will explore aspects of NASA -from the exploration of the universe and development of technology to its societal impact. The artwork incorporates Hubble Telescope images, children's drawings of astronauts and rockets; launch sequences and radio telescope images and research. The project -including this website- is in its early stages.
    The intent of Exploring NASA is to communicate a sense of optimism about the future and to convey a sense of collective effort and pursuit of knowledge. NASA represents, to me, the collective will to expand human understanding through a synthesis of technology, vision and courage."
    -Bruce Walters
    As I was a current student in a graphic design and layout class that was currently taking part in this ongoing audio/visual arts and sciences exhibit, I gladly came up with a concept for the initial poster design, which happened to be one of the main themes and overall look behind the project. Below, you could look at come of the details featured within the poster. Along with the poster design, soon after I had layed out a short animation to be featured within the exhibition, which you can check out below:
  • Video by Tom Walsh
    Soundtrack written and performed by Edge of Now (Jeff Birr)
  • Thanks for viewing! Comments are always welcome!
    -Tom Walsh