This was a university project which wasn't officially connected to Studio AKA. In this Project I used visuals created by Studio AKA.
  • A brief was to design and build a static 3D digital scale model of an exhibition stand that is used to promote an influential designer and highlight examples of their work. Therefore the following elements must be included: provision for the display of 2D & 3D artefacts; an area where small meetings can take place; a contact/enquiry point for visitors

    During my work on this project I created two different concepts. One of them was a closed environment full of objects representing characters from animation and designs created by Studio Aka. The other concept was a simple half open space with glass walls in a shape of a k a letters with posters, statues of their works

    I have chosen the second concept: it is fairly simple and it makes an emphasis on a shadow play. There is a kinetic lamp which is spinning around causing coloured shadows by its light going through a coloured glass wall. With this I wanted to make a space more dynamic underlining that my client is mostly working on dynamic kind of art: animation.