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  • That HOT chick on the bus making your hands sweat and and your knee shake cause you got nothing sexy to say cause your a GEEK...

    With SLAUGHTER UR ASS on every game system you own.

    So say "Hi"... chicken.

    She Games.
  • Megan "Foxx" Wight.
    Passionate gamer and geek of the highest order.
    The G33kpron is on her shirt cause G33kpron is cool.
    Your shirt wont have it but you WILL go to
    and pledge your allegiance.
  • Model / Actress Monica "Th3 Rogue" Zelak's Gamer status is peerless
    Check her out at:
    Game Asylum
    Fight! Brand Co-Host
  • ... Because there are none.
    Every minute counts. Every moment is significant.
    Live your life with purpose.
  • http://www.gdlk.ca/collections/evil-genius-collection/products/no-time-outs