EST magazine cover design

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  • THE TASK: This is a fictional school project. The task was to create and design three magazine covers with the name "EST". The assignment had no rules or bounderies (besides the name), and we we're free to create whatever we desired. 
    THE SOLUTION: I started reseaching the word "EST" and quickly came across the latin phrase "to be." 
    This I thought would be an interesting angle and topic for my magazine, so I added the tag line "to be different."
    The magazines name then became "EST - to be different" and is a magazine which writes, interviews and show people who dare to be different and stand out from the crowd. I choose to focus on three different topics; tatooed/piercing, draq queen & bodybuliding. One topic for each magazine. 

    The magazine covers had to naturally also be different  and live up to the magazines concept and content. 
    Having always been a fan of collage, I created many different collages with pictures from each topic. I then printed the collages out, cut them into pieces and hand platted all my pieces together which resulted in the covers you see below.

    My goal was to create three unique magazine covers that were different and stood out from the shelves.
    I hope you like my finished result.