• ESPjr Leatherback Turtle Season
    2011 portable booth design & packaging

    The Leatherback Turtle Seaso
    n series consists of onezies and t-shirts for babies, toddlers and children ranging from newborn up to age nine. The tag lines “Mini Trini & Tobago Love” are combined with simple, contemporary designs of T&T's endangered leatherback turtle that carry big messages.
  • ESPjr Tropical themed clothing line display unit
  • T-shirts were packaged into handmade "gift-to-go" crackers
  • ESPjr "leatherback turtle season" collateral
  • Handmade "gift-to-go" crackers closeup
  • ESPjr Mailing list sign-up forms
  • ESPjr "leatherback turtle season" collateral
  • ESP jr is a tiny division of Caribbean Design studio "Everything Slight Pepper", devoted to the creation of indigenous content for young audiences.