• ESNAF is the new product-line of entirely handmade wooden toys designed and made by architecture studio Archabits. They are crafted with natural materials such as beech and oak wood and are not varnished or painted. Each wooden toy is part of a collectables-set and is assembled with embedded magnets which let your children create different animal figures. The different parts are interchangeable and can be combined to create weird animals, creatures and characters, or simply to reconstruct the original animal figure, matching them by each animal’s individual magnet colors.

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  • As usual we started with some sketches.
  • Suddenly our little friends strarted to clarify...
  • ...with their stylized forms and witchery.
  • And there it is! The handmade manufacture got started. We were so involved in the project that we wanted it done as soon as possible, just to play with them and to try their weird transformations.
  • The production is done and ready for some finishing work.
  • And here it is the whole set. The kingdom has its king Lion, graceful Giraffe, generous Elephant, formidable Rhinoceros and funky Monkey.
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  • The magic is in the colors. You can match the parts by colors and play with them as a puzzle or you can try their magic without obeying any color matching rules.
  • Here are some of the weird characters we crated. Once you give the animals to children the variations turn out to be many many more.
  • The animal kingdom needs a sign, pattern and a place to stay in. Packaging and graphic design with the help of our friends from studio PUNKT. - www.punkt.bg
  • Once you receive the set in your hands you can try their tricks and treats.